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Nolo’s Guide to Social Security Disability: Getting & Keeping Your Benefits

5 Comments 25 October 2010

Nolo’s Guide to Social Security Disability: Getting & Keeping Your Benefits

  • ISBN13: 9781413311044
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The complete guide to understanding-and benefiting from-the Social Security disability system

Nolo’s Guide to Social Security Disability is an essential book for anyone dealing with a long-term or permanent disability. Written both for first-time applicants and existing recipients of Social Security disability, the book demystifies the program and tells you everything you need to know about qualifying and applying for benefits, maintaining your benefits and appealing the denial of a cla

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Clip from “Talk” by the Disability Rights Commission (UK)

25 Comments 27 September 2010

You’ve got a job interview, but suddenly you’re in the minority. A tale worthy of the “Twilight Zone” with a disability twist.


How a Disability Claim is Reviewed

No Comments 22 September 2010

How a Disability Claim is Reviewed

While the Social Security Administration begins the process to determine disability, it is, in fact, a state agency called Disability Determination Services that makes the final decision in determining who is considered legally disabled. The first step of your disability claim is finding out if you are legally disabled is filling out an application with the Social Security Administration. They will review your information to determine whether you have worked enough years to qualify for disability. If you meet the basic requirements, the SSA will send your disability claim on to the Disability Determination Services in your state. This is where the real work on your application begins. Once your application reaches this point, the agency gathers information from doctors, hospitals and disability specialists. Your doctors are asked highly detailed information about your condition. Disability Determination Services will want to know various information about your medical condition, such as when and how it began and how this condition limits your physical activities.

Additionally, they will want to know what medical testing has shown and what types of treatments you have received/are receiving. Although your doctors are not asked to determine if you are disabled, they will be asked about how your condition affects your daily life. Your physicians will fill out a detailed information sheet about how they interpret your medical condition affects work-related activities such as walking, lifting, sitting, and remembering instructions.

Often the information given to the state agency by your doctors is not enough to make a decision. When this situation occurs, individual examinations will be scheduled for you. These additional tests may be with your own doctor, or a state contracted specialist. Social Security will pay for this additional testing.

After Disability Determination Services receives all the information they need, they will review your disability claim. After they have made a decision, they will forward all the information to Social Security. If the state agency does not approve your disability claim for disability, you may appeal their decision. Sometimes it is best to seek an expect for disability help if you are initially denied disability benefits. The appeals process may require additional medical testing and a hearing in front of a disability specialist. All disability applicants also have the right to counsel and receive disability help for your case from a variety of sources.

Eugene Watson specializes in writing about Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). He spends his time researching and commenting on various aspects of Social Security Disability law.

His website is https://socialsecurity-disability.org

My name is Marty Sheedy and this video explains “what its like to be me.” I want to create awareness and opportunities for the disability community. My dreams are to create a bigger piece and get this story into the spotlight. I am also working on an another project to create even more awareness. Check it out at www.projectscissorgait.2ya.com Please subscribe to my channel because very soon there will be more videos to come. My next video project will be a series of me interviewing some friends about what it’s like to have a friend with a disability.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Q&A: where can i buy a canape cover for a disability mobility scooter, you know the type like they have on golfing

No Comments 21 September 2010

Question by weasel: where can i buy a canape cover for a disability mobility scooter, you know the type like they have on golfing
i need one like that will shield from rain and one like the type that is over a golfing buggy. you know the type. whoever leads me to the website that sells them gets the 10 points,many thanks

Best answer:

Answer by dirtytricksracing@sbcglobal.net
These people do http://www.spinlife.com/critpath/match.cfm?categoryID=66

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Q&A: Disability?

No Comments 19 August 2010

Question by alyssamarie17: Disability?
I have been on disability in the past but lost my benefits because they evaluated my and said I was no longer disiabled. Now I have a lawyer who has documentation that I am. What are my chances of being approved? and how long does it take to get a court date?

Best answer:

Answer by debijs
You aren’t giving enough information. Are you talking about social security benefits? If so, it depends on which office you are assigned to, and what their waiting time is. As far as getting benefits, it would depend on how well your disability is documented, when they review your medical records. They can also send you to their own doctors. If you are talking about state disbility benefits, it would depend on which state you live in to help you get the answers your looking for. If you are talking about workers compensation benefts, that would also vary be state. You really need to be more specific on what kind of benefits you are asking about, what state you live in, and what your disability is before someone can really help you with an answer.

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